What is FreeMart?

FREEMART is a Membership Club similar to Sam’s Club or Costco, with the exception that membership is always free.

Earn Money While you Shop!

  • Shopfreemart shares up to 90% of its profits with its members
  • Whenever someone you refer makes a purchase, you will share in the profits of the company
  • Profit Shares are paid through 9-levels of members as those you refer duplicate your efforts
  • Shopfreemart Profit Sharing Plan is more lucrative than any other referral plan we have found
  • There is never an obligation for you to purchase products in order to get paid
  • Refer the “one” right person and you could eventually earn hundreds of dollars daily for your lifetime
  • Your Shopfreemart Profit Share income can be passed onto your heirs

Shopfreemart is positioned to become a giant company with many enterprises under one umbrella. A Free Membership will give you advantages not available through other large membership stores.

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No Product to Buy. Just Get PAID!

There ARE products,
primarily mineral supplements,
like vitamins, minerals are essential for all
cellular function and without them we feel
miserable, get sick, and die early.

But you are NOT required to purchase product
to make money.


Simply advertise the website or tell others,
family, friends, whatever. You earn when
they decide to make a purchase, PLUS you
will be eligible to share in the profits
pool. The company shares 90% of its profits
with qualified members.


The FreeMart product line is very popular
because the products are truly effective
at helping to eliminate the cause to over
200 diseases/ ailments. A good product line
that helps people be healthy and vibrant
AND helps you save money means lots of
positive cash flow!

Click on the link to visit: https://www.shopfreemart.com/dkguptafm


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Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting other people’s (or company’s) products. You find a product you like, promote it to others and earn a piece of the profit for each sale that you make.


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